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    Our operation philosophy:Innovation, Team, Integrity, Gratitude

    Our enterprise spirit:Make concerted effort and God helps those who help themselves.

    Our values perspective: Self -esteemed and Self-discipline, Multul-encouragement and all-win, Stringent and pragmatic, Integrity and honest.
      In Chitian Lighting, “ human being” was considered the most valuable, important and potential resources. The company endeavor in providing vast spaces and the sustainable development support for the “human being”. Therefore, The company regard the workers as the most precious wealth and willing to absorbing the talents who is excellent and have potential ability through the world. In addition, the company wish every worker can get a good development in their position.
      In Chitian Lighitng, The common goal is to cultivate people, develop people and achive people.
In Chitian Lighitng, It is well believed that only the workers deligent can the company thriving. Only the work innovation can the company vitality forever. By reason of the development of the company need the worker’s power to drive. At the same time, the worker’s development need the company to provide opportunity and space.
      Therefore, our pursue is that both the company and the workers can obtain the best development. Meanwhile, the company provide more career opportunities through various channels and formulate the appropriate development plan to explore every people’s inner capacity for the people who is willing to work here in order to creat a all-win future.

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