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Zhongshan Chitian lighting Corporation retail sales was established

Popularity:137Pubtime:2020/3/27 6:33:08
    While LED lighting have not really gone into people's homes, but foresight lamps city bosses have sniffed opportunity. Recently, the lighting market set up by the country's National Association of lighting industry LED the market in Zhongshan, Guangdong Province was proclaimed, aimed at establishing a long-term relationship between Union members and sharing resources.

    The Union initiated by the Zhongshan LED China Jiuzhou city and from all over the country with a certain scale and composed of industry influence on the lighting market. The Union will achieve operational resources, vendor, agency resources and advertising resources that share building manufacturer and dealer butt bridge.
    Jiuzhou city with a total area of over 400,000 square metres, is the nation's largest single LED the professional market, which can accommodate more than 2000 companies, there are now nearly 300 companies to move. "Sun Yat-Sen LED the Jiuzhou city settled merchants LED lighting factory direct model, our lighting market to sell mainly allows resources to complement each other.
    Zhongshan Changzhou City, and is a well-known wholesale lighting market, with annual sales of the top. At present, the company's Chinese lamps city households dominated by traditional lighting agents in recent years with the emergence LED lighting, some agents are also stationed in LED lighting lamps city.

    Perfect lighting once again seize market opportunities, leading industry trends, constantly striving for excellence and quality, in Jiuzhou city built up its retail industry sales and service centers, better play to advantages of lighting industry, market resources, expand the lighting industries.

    Maximizing deeper needs, the maximum extent to meet this demand, and in meeting the needs of the process, achieve the sustainable development of enterprises, is the ultimate ideal of cooperation between the two sides. Qi has practical experience day hire home output brand ideas to the parties on a regular basis, a marketing consultancy and marketing techniques, is to let the two sides in the fierce market competition, maintain a high degree of concepts unity and technology integration.

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